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We are an IT consulting and technological product development company that will expand and transform your business with a complete package of customized services, excellently tailored to market needs.

Creation of websites, applications, systems, and software in general, focusing on a simple, secure, flexible, and efficient interaction for all sizes and sectors. In addition to preventative maintenance, changes and adaptations to optimize and guarantee quality.

our values



We deliver practical, high-quality digital products, with a guarantee.


Collaboration & Creativity

We participate in all stages of the project, discovering the best technological solutions for customer objectives together with them.


Commitment & Security

We engage and involve ourselves to the fullest to honor deliveries, safely and exceeding service expectations.


We offer a complete package for our clients' software including internal systems, external systems, applications, websites, or other possibilities. We provide full support from the conception and development of the idea to deployment on servers, monitoring stability, maintenance, and future improvements.

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Diego Camarinha

Programmer since 2007, he has a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science from IME - USP. He has experience in development projects and performance analysis of web systems.

Rafael Manzo

He started programming in 2008 and today he has a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science from IME - USP. He works on projects ranging from online stores to processing magnetic resonance images.

Heitor Reis

Bachelor and master of Computer Science from IME - USP. Acts in the development of web applications with a focus on Rails, and probabilistic models for machine learning (Sum-Product Networks).

Pedro Ligabue

BSc in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on computing from POLI-USP and currently studying for a master's degree. Works with web development, but also enjoys functional programming and ML.

Wilson Mizutani

PhD in computer science, specializes in software architecture. As a co-founder of USPGameDev, led multiple projects using a variety of open-source technologies. His main programming languages are C++ and Lua.

Arthur Vieira

Started programming in 2009 because of his passion for developing games, which led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IME - USP. Also got in touch with open source technologies from game development and is now a great proponent of using them whenever possible.

Rubens Gomes

Developed their interest in programming while studying Astronomy, and now has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IME-USP. During their time in university they worked on Free Software projects relating to Linux kernel development.

Gabriel D'Andrea

His passion for games motivated him to learn to program. He studied Computer Science at IME-USP and quickly expanded his interests into other areas, such as full-stack development and computer graphics. His current favorite tools are SvelteKit, Godot, and Odin.

Rafael Bordoni

Master in Mathematics from USP, Rafael loves technology, science, and art. A lover of open-source technologies, Rafael believes that sharing knowledge is an important step for a better society. He started programming in 2019 when he began creating his first video game.

Ricardo Lira

Independent game developer since 2013 and Bachelor in Computer Science from IME-USP. Passionate about free software development, interactive applications, logic, and experience design.

Arthur Sakayan

Started programming in 2014, when he started his technical course in computer science. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IME-USP, he is interested in various areas of Computing and always willing to update his knowledge. He has a strong affinity in the areas of Mathematics and Statistics.


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